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COMM 110: Contemporary Controversies: Getting Started

Hot Topics & Opposing Viewpoints

Listed here are a few key resources that provide different viewpoints about controversial topics.  Try starting your search using one or two key terms that best describe the controversy you're analyzing.

Opposing Views Book Series

The library has a number of book series that deal with differing viewpoints about controverisial topics.  There are multiple volumes in each of these series, each one covering a unique topic. The three main series available are:

  • Opposing Viewpoints
  • Current Controversies
  • The Reference Shelf

Below are samples of books available in each series.  Search Primo Search using the box below by the title of the series (above) and a keyword describing your topic to see what's available.  You may also search Primo Search using a few selected key words that describe your topic to find additional books, and other materials, related to your controversy.

Subject Encyclopedias

Subject Encyclopedias are also great starting points. The articles are typically longer and more detailed than general encyclopedias.  Subject encyclopedias can help guide you with:

  • Understanding the scope of a topic
  • Suggesting ideas for narrowing a topic
  • Identifying key concepts, terms, dates and names
  • Listing subject areas related to a topic
  • Recommending sources for further exploration

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