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Hum 330 Tao and Landscape Art: Getting Started

This course guide highlights only a small portion of the many resources available to you.  If you're not finding what you need, don't hesitate to contact Lori!

Subject Encyclopedias

Why use subject encyclopedias?

An hour spent with one or more subject encyclopedias (a type of tertiary source) early on in the research process will save you hours of wasted time!  Articles in subject encyclopedias are written by scholars who have deep specialization in the topic and the articles themselves go through a stringent editing process.  Here's what subject encyclopedias provide:

  • broad overview of a topic that is more in-depth than in general encyclopedias
  • Discussion of how scholars have approached, explored, and debated the topic over time (historiography)
  • Words, phrases, names, dates, and events that can be used as keywords when searching a database
  • Bibliographies in articles to find other sources (both primary and secondary)
  • Cross-references to find related topics

Start with Primo

Books are particularly useful because they're often broader in scope than articles. Starting off with a few books germane to your topic will get you the big picture can enable you to find and use highly specific articles more effectively later in your research.

Use Primo to find resources on your topic at Collins Library and beyond. Primo searches for books here and at other nearby libraries, and will also find some articles.

Subject Headings in Primo

Books related to Taoism can be found in several locations throughout the library, depending on their subject matter.  Here are some subject headings to get you started. Copy and paste the terms into the Primo search box.

Taoism China

Taoist Art

Landscape Painting, Chinese

Art, Chinese

Painting, Chinese


Browse the Collection

If you're interested in a broad topic, or would like to browse for inspiration, try one of these Library of Congress call letters:

BL 1801-1802

BL 1920

ND 1366

See the location chart for which floor the call number may be found.

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