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Library Location Chart: Home

Use this guide to location items in the library collection.

Locations by Type of Source

Print Books


Current Periodicals

DVD Stacks

Government Documents


Paper Periodicals


Reference Atlas



Special Collection



Books by Call Number

In Primo, an item marked as PRINT BOOKS  will be found by its call letter on the following floor.

A - Lower Level

B - Lower Level

C - Lower Level

D - Second Floor

E - Second Floor

F - Second Floor

G - Second Floor

H - Second Floor

J - Second Floor

K - Second Floor

L -  Second Floor

M - Mezzanine

N - Third Floor

P - PT2499 - Third Floor

PT2500 - PZ - Fourth Floor

Q -  Fourth Floor   

R - Fourth Floor

S - Fourth Floor

T - Fourth Floor

U - Fourth Floor

V - Fourth Floor

Z -  Fourth Floor

Library Lower Level Map

Library Main Floor Map

Library Second Floor Map

Library Third Floor Map

Library Fourth Floor Map