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Research Tips & Strategies

Start early!  It's likely you'll need to request materials from SUMMIT and via ILLiad, so you want to allow time for materials to arrive.  [Note that SUMMIT items have a check-out period of six weeks.]

Seek out a variety of sources:  books, essays in books, journal articles.

Use a variety of search tools:  Primo, multiple databases, and digital document and image collections.

Keep track of your research with RefWorks or Zotero.  Not sure how to use these tools?  Try a library class on demand!

Need help at any stage of the research process?  Make an appointment with Katy!

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Image in Rushdie, Salman. "Magic in Service of Truth.New York Times 21 April 2014. Web.


Research is a creative, nonlinear process.  Experienced scholars will tell you that they rarely end up exactly where they thought they would when they first started out!  

As you encounter and sift through sources, you will find yourself shaping your argument in perhaps unexpected ways.  The ultimate goal of research is not "to find the right answer," but rather, to create a persuasive argument based on your synthesis, analysis, and interpretation of the sources you use.  For this reason, the choices you make about which sources to use as you craft your argument are of the upmost importance. Whenever you're reading an article or book, or as you get oriented with an encyclopedia or other reference work, keep an eye out for citations to interesting sources. Use the citations of a good source to find more sources, as if you were building a chain.

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