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ENGL 432: Literature & Magic: Romance: Getting Started

Quick Links for FALL 2020

Use this guide to get started with your research for ENGL 432: Literature & Magic 

Activity: Contextualizing Magic in I, Tituba

Creative works are produced within specific historical, cultural, social and intellectual contexts. The more you know about the contexts of a specific work, the better you'll be able to analyze and interpret it. Approach your research as a means for providing information to readers that will help them understand, analyze, or evaluate the text. 

In this activity, we will use tertiary and historical sources to analyze the role of magic in Maryse Condé's I, Tituba, Black Witch of Salem. 

Use the following encyclopedia articles to gather background information on Obeah. What is mentioned in all/most of the entries? What additional sources do the subject encyclopedias point you to? To expand on the basic information you have gained, are there other terms/names/ideas you would like to research? 


How could the following sources help you analyze the role of magic in Maryse Condé's novel?

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