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New Books at Collins Library: eBooks

New eBook Widget Updates


The New eBook Widgets are available in the list of widgets you can reuse. The the cover images are coming from Syndetics. The larger New eBook Widget is called "eBooks Brightsign." The smaller New eBook Widget is called "New eBooks Small." Brightsign has a little text that it is pulling from a report. "Small" only has the cover images. If you use the larger widget, and someone is trying to look at the guide on a small screen, it will automatically switch to the small covers to avoid cutting the large one off. The list is based on a report API that is scheduled. Right now we're planning on once a week, Monday morning. Title and images are hyperlinked to the Library Primo. At this moment, still adjusting the linking.

Major Kudos to Annie Cain for all the work on this. Also, to Travis Clamon for sharing his ETSU widget.


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Hilary Robbeloth
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