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PacRim4Collins: Example

A guide for contributing photos to the Pacific Rim digital project at the Collins Library.

Image depicts a woman standing in front of a wall with geometric design marble inlay, at the Tomb of Iā€™Timad-Ud-Daulah.

Screenshot of Flickr page metadata describing a photo called "Marble Inlay."

More examples on PacRim4Collins Flickr Photostream

Comments about the Photo

This photo is visually interesting for the following reasons: 

  • It is colorful!
  • The woman is interesting, but also offers scale for the wall.
  • The mosaic is beautiful.
  • The mosaic has historic interest. 
  • The woman is off center. This encourages the eye to move around the photo and also she is not covering up the mosaic.

Comments about the Description

The good: 

  • The title describes the photo.
  • The description answers where and what, plus describes the mosaic with great keywords.  
  • The photographer is credited. 
  • The location is geotagged and displays as a useful map. 
  • The tags are descriptive. 
  • The tag "Tomb of I’Timad-Ud-Daulah" was added in quotation marks, which kept the phrase together.  
  • The tag "pacrim4collins" lets us group this with other photos for this digital project.

Could use improvement: 

  • What, when, and where are answered, but who is in the photo?
  • Why are they there?  
  • Is the date the correct date it was taken?  It would be better to confirm that in the description.