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PSYC 101: Introductory Psychology: Articles of Interest

Finding Articles of Interest

With the Topics of Interest exercise, you discovered topics in the field of psychology that are most intriguing to you.  Now you will be looking for scholarly, primary, literature, related to your interests. 

Some of you will be skimming the Table of Contents (ToCs) of recent issues of journals that your Professors have selected.

Some of you will be searching PsycINFO to identify current literature on your topic.

All of you will be summarizing what you find, and presenting it in accurately formatted APA citation style.

Listed here, are a selection of the journals that are suggested for the ToCs assignment.  These journals may also be searched to see if they contain articles that inform your topics.

Many of these journals are available through the Collins Library, some are 'open access,' meaning their content is freely available to anyone, and some are not immediately available through the library.  If this is the case, and you identify an article you're interested in, you may place an interlibrary loan request, and the library will acquire a copy of the article for you.